sideways clown in a new tank.


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so the first live stock I added to my tank was a very small single ocellaris clown I got while adding some cuc to the tank. He was fine in the tank for 2 hrs before the lights switched to night mode.( blue leds) he was Swimming around and checking out the power head, rocks, and such. even was eating a little. now hes kinda floating behind the main power outflow sideways at the top. wiggling every so often.. is that ok? I read that they sometimes sleep like that cuz they can be a little odd. or am I about to lose this little guy.
its 3 30 am here so Im headed to bed here soon hopefully he will make it though the night.


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Mine like to sleep on top of the powerhead. Sometimes they sleep completely vertical against the glass with their faces on the ground too. Weird creatures. It's probably fine.

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My True Percs go to the same spot near the surface and just hang there at lights out.
I can even pet them then and they move very little.


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My ocelaris clowns sleep sideways. One even swims at a 45 degree angle most of the time. They scared me pretty good at first. Now Ive just realized theyre goofy fish with personalities.. LOL


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Mine always sleep on the top left side of my tank. They use to sleep behing my magnet scrubber. Now, they just go in the top-left front corner swimming verical. This is all normal for clowns.


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Some may argue that it's one of the best parts of the hobby, see all the quirks each individual fish has and their behavior. They all have their own personality and it's awesome to see.


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Thanks everyone!
As of this morning he was swimming around like nothing was wrong, likes to chill by the intake valve. Hes (or it) is my first real SW fish, and I only got him off a recommendation of my local store when I got my cuc. I was excited but also had the feeling in the back of my mind they just where pushing me to get a fish and didnt care if he lived or died. but so far all is well!


Hes so TINY


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That is awesome!!! I am waiting to put my first inhabitants in..I would say that it doesn't sound like you QT they little guy, you wight want to watch out for signs of ich..


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Mine lay in their Nem like a hammock at night. They literally spoon...the male is the little spoon btw. I am hoping what they say is true...spooning leads to forking. They have been doing the pre-spawning routine for about a month and I am ready to see some eggs.