Silver Scyllarus


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Just to show you that stomatopods can be pieces of art, I'm attaching a photo of a 6 inch long silver stomatopod made in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Here's another example of mantis shrimp art from Indonesia :

Hand Spun Sumba Ikat Hinggi with Two Men

Gorgeous hand spun ikat hinggi (man's garment) from the Indonesian island of Sumba. 15-25 years old and in excellent condition. Made for personal use, not commercial sale. Measures 4' wide by 6' 4"long. Ancestral or royal figures adorn this piece, surrounded by pairs of fanciful animals. Between the legs of each figure is the beautiful, but deadly, mantis shrimp. Woven in the warp ikat technique in two sections on a back strap loom and sewn together in the center. The inkle type band on the top and bottom goes across both sections, essentially weaving them together. The hand spun pieces are no longer being made, so are becoming highly collectible.
That is a really pretty piece of art Dr.Gonodactylus.
Have you ever seen anything like it in the US?
No, the silversmiths on the island typically do shrimp, birds, etc. One of my graduate students lived on the island for several years studying stomatopods and asked them to make four silver Odontodactylus which he gave to his advisors. I have never seen another one.

One of my favorite stomatopod artifacts was a necklace that I saw on Hawaii several years ago made from the dactyls of the local squillid. Each dactyl was capped in silver and the 50 or so spined dactyls were arranged in graduated size from the smallest (about 1 cm to the largest (about 3 cm). It was striking - and way too expensive for my wallet.

Being in the military I truly have traveled the world and am sooo damn mad that I didn't take advantage of some of the ports we visited. I was in Bali, Indonesia in 1999 and even went to a local silversmith! Being that clown loaches are my favorite freshwater fish I didn't even visit any local fisherman. I wasn't into the hobby of keeping fish as much back then though, but still kick myself in the butt for not doing more than party!