Simple ? about ich?


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My Clown trigger seems to have ich when I first put him in my tank, it has been a couple days now and I have been treating him with Rid Ich and I think it is working but what does ich look like when it is dying, mine looks as if it is peeling off, is that right, the fish is acting fine he has no reaction to the ich on his side.


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Ich shouldn't peel off. It just disappears and any associated swelling, etc, goes away. I would treat the animal with hyposalinity in a quarantine tank.


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As I recall Rid ich is a combo of malachite green and formalin .. neither of these meds alone is especially effective against ich and the introduction of the "combo" is not considered very effective either.

A picture is worth a zillion words when it comes to fish diseases .. if you can get a pic that would help. Re posting with a pic on the disease forum should help.