Simple Way To Cool????


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My Nano's temperature fluctuates from 80.0 to 85.0 daily is there a simple way to keep it cool? I have the heater set at 75.0 so that is not the issue. Do I need to just open the lid and run a fan over it? Surely I don't need a chiller for a 12 gallon tank.

Those Iceprobe chiller/controllers are supposed to be good for them. I bought one for my seahorse tank but haven't hooked it up to see yet. 80-85 is actually fine but this isn't the hot time of the year yet. I got about a 5 degree cooling on my 3 gallon by having 2 computer fans on the lid with one in and one out.
The lid does have two fans running, I have heard about those Iceprobe chillers I'll take a look at them.
Yeah we did talk about that yesterday.. I'll do that and see if that fixes it.

Thanks Farmer
u dont even need a maxi-jet, just stir ur nano with a

Buy the room chiller from spooda , then u could just keep ur beer out and drink when needed
LOL!! I was actually thinking about that. Then all Mama would have to do is throw a blanket over me when I'm drunk, passed out, and have frozen boogers coming out of my nose.
Maybe throw a cardboard box in there to crawl into and get some gloves with the fingers worn off too!
maxijet 1200 is 20 watts

maxijet 900 is 8 watts (you are getting about 20-40 gph with 12 watts of wasted energy that turns into a small heater)

a fan would work but you have to take in the effect of evaporation in a small tank

if you had problems with your tank today you are probally going to have problems when it is 90+ degree this summer
Arlo has a 55 gallon drum so top off water shouldn't be to much of an issue. But you are right chad I top off around 3-5 gallons every other day. And I have around 130 gallons total between tank and sump.