Single Controller + Y splitter - Only one setting?


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I decided to stick with my single controller for now.

I actually never thought much as how to tune my pump. I just let it how it was set from the original owner.

My two tunze pumps are hooked to the y-splitter then to the single controller. It appears that they pulse from 50-100% (in reference to the "max power" setting on the computer).

When I turn the knobs on the controller it seems that I can only achieve two things.

1. The exact same 50-100 pulse (on off every 2-3 seconds). I can not seem to alter the duration or power.

2. When I play with the dials the two pumps operate at the computer set power with no pulsing.

Setting are:

Pulse: turned completely to the left
Power One: turned completely to the left
Power Two: turned completely to the right

Is there a different way I can set these pumps?


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The only option with this set up is pulsing the two pumps synchronously, they will both do the exact same thing. As you have it set, they should pulse about every 1.5 seconds, there can be some variability between controllers so 2 is not impossible but the knob range is 1.5-7 seconds and off (no pulsing). The pulse should be 30%-100% as you have it set.