Siphon help


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i just bought a livereef overflow setup, and am having some troubles getting the siphon started so water can get tot he sump. and suggestions?

the overflow is the typical skimmer box/ "u" tube/pipe setup

stick a airline tube 1/2 up the tube put the tube in the overflow the end with the airline in it goes in the pre-filter box and start sucking once water starts flowing pull out airline shake the u tube intill all the air is out and you have a continous flow of water
theres a few ways to start the flow:
1. put everything together, keep the U-tube out. fill both boxes with water from the tank. (the drain side will only go so high) put an air line, or some form of small flexable hose in the U-tube. make sure to have a peice long enough to have a couple of feet left over. push the tube just past the bend. now just suck the air out. you may have to try a few times. you will see where the bubble forms, and you may have to adjust the air hose to get all the air out. once the air is out bite the hose and pull it from the U-tube. turn on the pump, make sure everything flows, and your done.

2. this is the cleaner way. again set up the overflow without the U-tube. fill the tube with tank water completely. then cover both ends with plastic wrap. place the U-tube in and remove the plastic wrap from the ends and your done. again turn on the pump, check the flow. enjoy :D
i believe that is the only way to start a siphon through a u-tube do you have a LFS or petsmart you can buy it for real cheap it is just the airline you would use on an airstone or pump
awesome. i have a few methods now.

hey, paintbug, i noticed you are a gun tech. who do you work for? you play on any teams? you goin to HB this weekend?
right now i work for myself. i have retired from playing tournys, im to old and fat :D LOL i dont get to hit up the big tournys anymore either. the last big event i played in was PSP World Cup 2004. NCPS Factory, we finished 17th in Rookie. i hit up local CFOAs some, thats about it. this weekend the field i used to work for is having a tourny that i will be helping with.