Siphon Tube Size?


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Hey im just wondering what size and length tubing does everyone use to siphon out deitrus and other crap from their tank? I recently went barebottom and have a small patch of sand and other stuff that builds up but the tubing I use will not suck it out of the tank. Im not sure if I need a larger or smaller diameter tube.



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I use regular tank cleaning thingy. The kind with about 1/4" tubing and a big plastic cylinder on the end. I think it is less of a matter of how big the tube is, and more a matter of how far the water is falling. More height difference = stronger siphon.


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I wouldn't say longer tubing would equal better suction. I have a 50 foot python tank cleaner and it doesn't work as well from the basement to the sink for my QT tank. If I cut it back to 25 feet upstairs for my tank, it siphons way better. I would say 3/4" or even 1/2" should be ok for a bare bottom