Site Down??????


New member
no, the site isn't down. We have some new help with the site, and we are doing some great improvements. There may be times of sporadic interruption, but it should be available shortly thereafter. I think all is fine now though.

As Rodstarr said, all links that you may have had, will now need to be replaced as we moved the directory of the website.


thats what i been trying.
its been this way for some time, and i have also been missing posts or they just don't even show up.

website bug forum doesn't show, i get almost down to the bottom of the forums page and i lose the page somewhere in the sponsors, blank after that.


get the homepage, login and get a blank.
its been doin that for weeks.
i just used my link to direct forums since the site started.
if i followed any of the buttons at the top, it would bump me out to login and then give me a blank page after.
all i can do is read the homepage now.