skimmer advice for a 200g tank


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i am setting up a 200g reef tank. i had planned on a lifereef svs2-24
skimmer. i would really appreciate feedback on two aspects:

1) it is sized for 250gal, but commonly folks halve the manufacturer's specs.
do i need the next size up? (350-400gal)

2) although i have not found any negative comments about this skimmer,
i read allusions to negative comments about lifereef skimmers. is this just
gossip or some personality thing? are there better skimmers in this
price range ($400-500)?

if it matters, the skimmer and sump are in a different room (basement)
from teh tank, so size (and to some extent noise) are not an issue.


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Octopus Extreme 300 is in your range.

Reeflo Orca 200 is at the size range, but price is $650 on sale now from reef specialty.

Octopus Hurricone CAT2 Internal $700


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spend the most you can afford on a good skimmer up front. I wish i would have done that . I run a I-tech large cone and it is by far the best skimmer I have owned . Best of all it is built in America


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Team RC
It is important to get the best skimmer you can even if it means deferring other equipment. As mentioned above, brand is personal. Maybe a poll of brand you feel you can afford would be a good idea? If so, in the equipment forum?