Skimmer and Feeding Question


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So does everyone leave their skimmer on 24/7? I have a AIO tank and I am thinking about putting my skimmer and return pump on a timer so when I feed I can shut the skimmer and return pump off for say 2 hours. This way everyone has plenty of time to eat. Any ideas?


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I have mine on a timer (ACIII feed cycle).

Return pumps turn off for 7 minutes and the skimmer for 15. Gives fish time to eat and starts cleaning up what they didn't after a few minutes.


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I run my skimmer all the time but it is in my sump. When I feed I just set my MP40W to feed mode and let it circulate the food all over without scattering it to the wind.


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I never shut anything down to feed. The fish seem to enjoy chasing the food around, and anything that makes it to the overflow is just food for the pods in the sump. If i had a HOB skimmer on the tank, i might shut that down to feed, but pods need food too, so i don't worry about what goes in the overflow and sump.