Skimmer choice


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I am in the market for a new skimmer. My current tank is 72 gallons heavily stocked. I would prefer to try something other than a sicce pump. Trying to find the best fit. I will be upgrading to a 90 gallon in a year, so I would like to keep the same skimmer. Here are my options
Vertex Alpha 170 (worth the price?)
Itech 100 (too small for a 90?)
Octopus 2000 cone (Worried about the ballance of this skimmer, plus I have heard that the pumps are loud.
Bubble king mini 200 gen 1. I can get one for a good price locally.
I am leaning more towards the Itech and the octo 2000. I know that the sicce pump is close to the tunze that comes with the I-tech. Give me your guys input.


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I just got ATB. It is really quiet and a lot of good review about it. Yes it is Sicce pump with ATB custom volute.
I was battle between ATB 840 V1.5 and Alpha 170 and decided to go with ATB, because it is easy to removed the collection cup than Alpha .


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Yeah it's down to that and an alpha 170. I just feel for $30 more. with (premiums sale) the 170 is a better deal because of the red dreaggon.


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I just got the NWB 150 Octopus Skimmer for my 72G should be getting it on Monday from Premium Aquatics, upgrading the 10G Sump to a 20g Long over the weekend so by Monday I should be ready to fire it up.