Skimmer/Filter Combo + Lighting advice


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Hi guys,

I seriously thinking of setting up my first marine tank.

I would like to set up a small 100L tank with live rock and some easy to keep corals, mushrooms, inverts and fish.

Problem, in Malta the options to buy stuff are quite limited. I was browsing the net and came across these two tanks which I liked but which however are not available for sale here :/

I called a local store and they will be giving me a quote to build a custom tank for me, just the glass.

So i'm left with having to get a filtration, skimmer and lighting system, which is were i would really appreciate your advice.

One thing i'm not too keen on is having a load of pipes and accessories in the tank. A sump is out of the question in the space i have to work with so i would like to get an external filter/skimmer combo and an LED lighting rack.

I'm guessing that should pretty much cover the setup?

I found this for the lighting which seems pretty cheap: however it would be nice to get one of those units which can be set to go from moonlight to daylight automatically.

For filtration i would really like to get a small all in one unit which i can hang off the side. Something which has a decent skimmer and allows for some chemical media to be placed inside. (don't think i'll need to use wool??)

For summer i'll need to buy a chiller so i'll have to route some pipes out of the tank to the bottom anyways, so i'm thinking maybe a 2-in-one canister filter with a skimmer would be ideal from the get go.

So, what tech do you advise? for me, the cleaner the setup the better :)