skimmer for 60 reef


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any suggestions? I am looking at the euro reef but dont know what size. I like skimmers that are built for built for bigger systems because skimming is very important to me. How about an octopus skimmer? What model? I have a 10 gallon sump. I DO NOT WANT a CSS.



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I would reccomend a Tunze 9010 or a ATI bubblemaster 200. It sounds like there is an upgrade in your future and your skimmer can set limits on what size tank you buy in the future. I know you are stepping up to a 60 gallon tank but you should really consider choosing your skimmer based on your ideal tank.


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if you have a big enough sump an octopus nw200 would be great, give you future room and is cheap.
If you do not have a sump I would go with the tunze 9010, great skimmer.
In reality you do not need anywhere near the above skimming power, an octopus nw110 or nw150 would be more than enough.
If you need a decent HOB skimmer the D&D marine typhoon for $68 (drfosters) would work great on a 60 gallon tank and then you could buy your better skimmer later.