Skimmer for nano tank


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Hi All,

I have a 20gal Waterbox cube tank, bought an icecap k1 nano skimmer for it but I'm not sure I like this skimmer. It is a tight fit and comes with magnet to control its location in the filtration area but I cannot use it due to the tight fit. Not in love with the collection cup either as it's a tight fit into the body and in order to remove it, might mean lifting the skimmer body and changing water level.

Basically I am not sure that a skimmer inside the chambers is a great idea if I have to keep changing the water level.

So was thinking maybe going with a hang on back skimmer. Of course it has its drawbacks as well as if the skim cup is overflowed it will leak all over the floor and could cause a really bad chain reaction with the ato.

What would you guys do? Just stick with the in chamber skimmer like I have now and deal with the need to readjust the water level each time, prob won't be that hard I'm guessing I can take a sharpie and mark water line.

Or go with a hang on back skimmer and skim extra dry.

Maybe there is a better nano skimmer than the icecap that could fit in my Waterbox 20 cube rear chamber?