Skimmer or Fuge? Acro and Acan


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I picked up an acro and an acan today with some other things. I told myself I wasn't going to grow any know how that is. Anyways, I also picked up two PJ Cardinals. I have a 30 gal +10 sump...I feed lightly and have the two PJ's now and a clown

My question is, what would be more beneficial for my system...

1) The way it is setup now. Chamber for the cyclone skimmer, return pump and a "refugium" about 4 gallons with chaeto and a couple pounds of LR

2) Remove the refugium divider and put in the Octopus 110 skimmer. The return pump and skimmer would then be in the same section which kind of defeats the purpose of the bubble trap.

I'm torn, please help.