skimmer or not during cycling


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I like to wait a couple of weeks into the cycle and then start it up. It can take up to two weeks for a new skimmer to break in, so two weeks into a cycle should have it fully functional by the time you are ready to add livestock.


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You could run it without the cup and let it flow back into the sump. It'll be broken in by the end of your cycle.


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I run all equipment on regular schedule, including lights, so that I can start balancing the tank's heat budget at a reliable 78-80. The pumps ARE a heat source.


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I wouldn't run a skimmer, there's really no point I find in the cycle, or at least early on. Would just pull a lot of organics that can be used by microbes to establish.

Later on in the cycle would be fine, that is when you start wanting to have everything running to ensure that things don't go out of whack before adding live stock.


I've cycled two tanks and ran the skimmer bother times during the cycle. In my opinion it doesn't affect the cycle or how long it takes to cycle. I think it's beneficial to run the skimmer during a cycle. Plus why not break in the skimmer when the tank is empty? That way it's broken in and ready to skim once you add your livestock.

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There are many opinions on this. If you run it or not the tank will still cycle. If the skimmer is new I like to run them to get them broke in and to play with the tuning. just my 2 cents.