Skimmer Overflowing


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So ive taken my biopellets off line in place of vodka/vinegar dosing. I also added about a quarter stick of epoxy to the system around the same time as starting the vodka/vinegar and taking the pellets offline. This was 4 days ago and my protein skimmer has been overflowing ever since even when having it at its lowest setting. Its an Vertex Omega 150. I have since done two water changed, a 10 gallon and 15 gallon on my 60 gallon system and also vinegar bathed/cleaned the skimmer really good. Any ideas? I currently have the tube from the cup directed into my filter sock so that i can have it running still while it overflows like crazy.

Other then that system looks really good and all parameters are normal. However i figure running a overflowing skimmer into a filter sock it really not that efficient. Any ideas??


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You just have to wait for it to settle down. I put in a new filter sock once and my skimmer went crazy for a day. You could try raising up the skimmer but you will just have to lower it back when it settles in again.