skimmer problem


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I have a question about my skimmer I hope someone can help me with.I have a turbo floater 1000.One week it takes has a very dry foam and takes out a very dark liquid.Which I have read is very good.But then another week the foam is very wet and the liquid is almost clear.Is there a problem or is this the way all skimmers work?


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Your skimmer should be pulling the same type of skimmate every week. There must be something in your setup that is causing instability. Could be changing water level, feeding a type of food that makes the skimmer go "nuts," or many other things. Keep searching through the forums to help you identify what the problem is and how you can correct it.



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I have the same skimmer, I find that where the air intake connects to the venturi slowly blows up with salt, this reduces the bubbles but drys the foam. I clean mine each week now by just sucking on the air line to pull same water back up the tube. A better way would be to get it to suck a cup of boiling RO/DI water through the air line, but I'm lazy.

Also I added an air pump to mine, it made a huge difference the amount it skimmed