Skimmer Question


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I need to replace my Berlin skimmer. It just isn't doing the job it should. I pulled it out, replaced the pump, cleaned the interior, and in general pulled it apart and rebuilt it and it still is unreliable. This is for my 150. Any suggestions on a good replacement? It could be an in sump but I would prefer something that is a hang on or outside the sump. The sump isn't drilled.


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For a hang on I have heard good things about the Coralife Super Skimmer. However, for an in sump I am a fan of ASM skimmers and I had a LifeReef that worked great. Helped get rid of my Hair Algae.


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For a in sump skimmer I am really happy with my Octopus 200. It granks out the gunk. I think a good bang for the buck.



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I have an H&S recirculating skimmer, it can be in sump or out of sump. I like it much better than my old skimmer, which had the feed pump submersed in the sump.