skimmer/return pump question


Heys guys im setting up a 120g tank and I am deciding on the equipment. Do you think a ASM g-2 will be decent enough for this system or should I get an ASM g-3. The problem with the g-3 is that its 25in high and that will only give me a 2 inch clearing on the stand causing a problem when removing the collection cup.

ASM g-2 or g-3?

also what return pump should I get, I have two overflows and I intended to only have one return pump that splits to both overflows. LFS recommended the genx pcx 70 but thats not a circulation pump(its a high pressure pump) so im not sure. let me know your thoughts.

2" is a good enough clearance for removing a g3 collection cup. I would definitely go with the g3 though, as it would sufficiently skim your tank ( I ran a G4+ on my 120) - and there will be no need to upgrade again when you find out the g2 isn't sufficient.

Just my .02
-Mike C.
As far as a return pump goes, I would go with a Reeflo snapper, they run cool, there quite and use very little wattage. Quality is more of a reason to go with them, long lasting pumps.

-Mike C.
I would go with a G-3 or larger. For a decent price, I'm sure you can find a used Euro-Reef 8-2 or similar. Never skimp on your skimmer! For a return, like Mike said, the Snapper is good, anything made by Reeflo is good. Also check out the Eheims. They're quiet and reliable, not as high flow rates, but they're great.
New problem:
My stand has about 45 inches in length for a sump and a pump. I believe this restricts me to a 29g sump because a 30g would be too long at 36inches. What size tank/pump combo should I use?

btw I no that you can drill on the side of the tank and that will give me more tank length capability and unlimited pump lengthb but I dont know how to build a sump in that format.

Any info helps.
No worries with a 29g. That's what I've got under my 120g, since I couldn't fit anything larger under my stand without removing my display tank.

Is there anything in the display above yet? If so, you'll have to go with the 29. If not, I would suggest lifting the 120 and dropping in (gently) a 55g or whatever MAXIMIZES space. Then you can use a bigger (wider) skimmer, have more room for a refugium, and have more room for a return section. You have to keep them all seperated by baffles or overflow areas, and the return section has to be last.

If you don't want to externally plumb it, or want to do what I mentioned with the 50g sump, you can use Eheim pumps internally, as they're waterproof. They're also quieter and more reliable than Gen-x I believe.
I would try as hard aspossible to get a 55 under there. you would easily have enough room for 4 sections in that. filter sock, fuge, skimmer, return. that would be my recommendation! Hopefully it would fit in ur stand though.
i squeezed a 55 under my 125 but it didnt leave me much room, if i had to do it again id either go a little smaller on the sump or lift the stand so i got a little more room to work with
if u wanna save a few bucks go with an OR6500 on the return and if it was between the g2 or 3 id go with the g3 if it fits (bigger is always better;) ) but why the asm? u buyin new or used ? id shop around the selling forums here on RC, u could find a better skimmer than a g3 for less than youd pay for the g3 new just be careful who u buy from!
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a G3 is actually a nice skimmer, very efficient for the price. My G4+ was a beast, I don't have anything to say bad about ASM's. As long as you keep the water level stable you shouldn't have any problems.

-Mike C.
a g3 is descent but new youll pay around $300 and for that same $300 or less you can get more for yur money if u go used!