Skimmer too big?


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I might have blown it. I finally got sick and tired of all the salt creep generated by my cheap ASM mini G Skimmer. In a total knee jerk reaction I bought a Bubble Magus Curve 7 skimmer.

Here is the problem. I have a 75 Gallon Display and a 20 Gallon long for a sump. Total gallons approximately 90. Bulk Reef Supply rates this skimmer at 180 Gallons for medium bioload. and 90 gallons for heavy. I was under the impression that bigger was better. and had seen recommendations to go twice your volume.

Bubble Magus suggests that this skimmer run in 9" to 11" of water. My sump is 8" deep at the top of the baffle. Before I purchased it, I read a threat where someone said they were running it that deep and it worked fine.

I have the water output set to min and can only get bubbles to rise to 3.5" below the bottom of the collection cup. Obviously the skimmer needs to break in, but I would think I would at least need to get my column to the cup level to have success.

Thoughts? Did I blow this one?


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Did you get the skimmer with the Sicce pump? The reason I do not run Bubble Magnus skimmers is that they require deep water in a sump, is there anyway to increase the depth of the sump? The BM Curve 7 is a great skimmer that is well balanced, perfect fit for a 120 gallon tank, because it so well balanced it should work good on a 75 gallon tank, the BM Curve 5 some love it some hate it, I think you choose well.


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I can raise the water level, but the baffles in my sump are only 8". I have heard from others who have this skimmer that they are running it in as little as 7" and it is working well. I think these things can take as long as a week and a half to break in. So I'm going to let it do its thing and see what happens.

Question: What do you mean when you say it is a well balanced skimmer?


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My Curve 7 has sat in 8 inches for several years and works terrifically. I took a few days to break in when I got it. After that, no issues other than replacing the pumps after about 5 years.