Skimmer upgrade now, or wait until later?


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So I'm setting up a 210 gal predator tank w/40 sump. I got an ASM G-2 used in a package buy... It's rated for 200 gal, light load. So I know it's underpowered, but I also know I have zero fish now and will add them very slowly.

Should I use the ASM til I get a decent fish load, then upgrade to the Reef Octopus skimmer that I want in the future, or should I just sell the ASM G-2 now and use the money to buy the $415+ skimmer now? Opinions?


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Wait for Black Friday etc. deals.

10% off and what $100 from the used ASM sounds pretty good.


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Sales are great! Just was worried about a new skimmer break in period when I really need it (ie when my bio load is much higher). Will that "transition period" between skimmers in 4-5 months cause potential issues? I'm not rich either... So a break in expenditures are nice too.