skimmer- working too good??


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I have a remora skimmer and last night it the collection cup was about half full after I dumped it the night before. Skimmate was a really dark brown/red color.

I thought my new aquascaping improved the performance of my skimmer. After looking around a little more, I saw my sea hare stucked to my seio 820. His whole head got sucked in. I had to remove the whole powerhead and it took awhile to take him out.

that was pretty sad and gross. Planning to do another water change this weekend.
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at least you know you for yout skimmer dialed in :)

You know you are truly addicted when you can identify which part of the hare is missing. Freaky animal....
forgot to mention that his guts were green and slimy.

probably going to pick up some snails and hermits over the weekend.

jeff's had 10 ceriths or 10 astreas for 7 bucks last weekend. it's a good price if you dont need a large quantity.