Mr. B

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I am looking for a recomendation on good protein skimmer. I have 180 gallon coral/fish aquarium. my current skimmer is about 2 yrs old and is need of replacement.
I'm a fan of the ASM skimmers for in-sump models. I have a G3 now and will be getting a G4x on the 180 when I get that going.
Are you looking for in-sump or external? If electrical costs are a concern, then you need to go with a needle-wheel skimmer like a Deltec. If you aren't too worried about electrical costs, then go for a Beckett skimmer driven by a good pressure rated pump.

I have about 270g total volume in my system, and I am using a MRC MR3 dual-Beckett driven by a Blueline HD70. It is a great combination that I am very happy with.

It is hard to make a good skimmer recommendation without knowing your system setup, needs, etc. Give us some more information and then you can get a informed recommendation.