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I have an AquaC skimmer EV-200, everytime I move something or I turn off the powerheads or pumps all the foam goes down and I don't like that....:mad:
Also with water changes... .:uzi:

I guess because it changes the water level on the sump, do you guys know how to do a auto-top off system??:hmm3:

Easy to do and no to much space needed? :fish1:


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AquaC's are a little tricky. They use an injector system. The bubbles in skimmers are formed using surface tension. Any oils reduces that surface tension and the unit stops foaming for awhile. This included oils from your hands if you stick them in the tank. Feeding will cause it to stop, and cooking nearby with any oily foods like bacon will stop it.

The easiest auto top-off system if you can afford it is the Tunze Osmolator. You put the pump in a bucket of water, attach the sensor to your sump and plug it in.


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OHHH ... I guess it would never go away.... LOL. OHH WELL.... it performs awesome!!! but I guess that's an upside down.