Skimmers : Deltec MCE600 vs Red Sea Prizm PRO


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Hi guys..

Im thinking on updating my skimmer...

Wich one is better ? Wich one would you buy?

Deltec MCE600


Red Sea Prizm PRO

the pro cant keep up with a 30 gallon tank and always needs adjustments, like two to three times a day... its loud, and the pump seal on the body leaks after only a short time... i had two going on my 60 gallon total system with one fish!
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Dude thats like saying whats better a BMW or a Kia? I have the MCE600 and its kicks butt.

There's no comparison between the two. They're not even in the same league as the Deltec costs more than double the Red Sea.
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Which one did you end up buying? :)

I think we all know that answer ;)