Skinny, Lethargic Alligator Pipefish


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After lurking for a long time I decided it's time to finally make some posts to hopefully solve or at least identify some of my problems.

I have an alligator pipefish named Yoshi that I bought like a month ago. I feed him as much mysis and enriched brine as he can eat (up to half a cube) 2-3 times daily. I even feed him out of a net so there is absolutely no competition.

Despite all this special effort, Yoshi still spends most of his time floating right at the surface looking kind of sickly. When the lights go out he explores a bit more and perches near the bottom so he's perfectly capable of swimming and behaving normally, but chooses not to during the day for some reason. He's also still fairly skinny when viewed from beneath. I thought the heavy feeding would have led to some weight gain by now... I already treated him twice with food soaked in anti parasite meds but maybe I need to keep going with that.

I don't understand why I'm not making any progress. I would really like to see Yoshi looking happy and healthy like the ones in this video,