Skunk Cleaner Shrimp


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I was hoping to see some shrimp babies.

I have a pair of cleaner shrimp in my 55 gallon and they molt 2-3 times each month and recently they have had a fresh batch of eggs under them following the molt.

One had been carrying eggs for at least two weeks and molted this morning.

It appear that a new batch of eggs is already under her/him. Is it normal to never see any sign of the young? I watch my tank like a hawk, recently anyways.


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The eggs hatch during the night, if you want to try to raise them (which people have had little succes with) then you should turn off all things that suck. Until the eggs hatch, no, you don't see the young. They are very hard to take care of, you should just let them become food for your tankmates. Peppermints are alot easier to care for.