sky lights?


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hi everyone i have a 8 foot long 1 foot deep tank, 2 foot wide as well, and in an effort to save money on electicy i was considering sky lights, i've got one drawn up it would be the exact same size as the tank in the roof, it would be from east to west so it would get a ton of light, do you think this would work for SPS, LPS, and clams?

all opinions are welcomed.


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I remember seeing a forum in RC that had photos and info...I think it was in larger tank forum?? any way ...several solar tubes would be great "nuthin like real sun light".. but depending on your location and the # of cloudy days you might have to suppliment the natural light.


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yeah i was thinking about the cloudy days but keeping 2000 watts of lights off a day even half the time will out weigh the cost of hte sky lights $100.00 (DIY) pretty quickly i'd think.

Thanks for the info, does any one know the exact link as i can not search?