slimy brown hair algae?


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Ok... I hope some members can lend a brain here and help me out... My last tank I had nothing but problems with GHA... and now with this new tank I got a similar problem yet different and really making me want to quit which I DO NOT want to.... Now I have a break out and grows back fast of a Slimy Brownish Hair Looking Algae.

Total System 90gal I do at least 10gal per week water change
Run Phos from bulkreef and carbon
Have a filter sock which I clean every few days....
Have a Skimmer which seems to skim pretty well and dark
I have a 10gal tank which Cheto grows in and seems wo grow well and dark...
I have LED lights
I have a mp60 in the tank
New clean ro/do filters and resin
ato of the rodi
Was keeping tank at 80 degrees i have bumped down to 78 and still no change
Lights are on from 11-7 with the blues on that whole time and whites during 12-6

im so lost please help


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ph 8.0
NH4 0ppm
NO2 0ppm
Nitrate (0ppm)

And I tested Phosphates again..... and maybe this is my issue but running gfo isnt helping
Top Off Water .03ppm
Tank Water .24ppm


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If it is a nutrient problem most of our hobbyist test won't read there is a issue cause the algae is sucking it up before our test can read them


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get yourself a two little fishes phos ban reactor and some rowaphos do water changes weekly and it will go away. keep up a weekly water change and changing out the rowaphos every two weeks. you have excess nutrients in your tank now and it is caused mostly my over feeding cut the feeding in half.


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Water changes 4 times a month to much , 10 to 20 % 1 time a month should be enough.
Also I would have 3 or 4 power heads for better water circulation. If you have a lid loose it.

How old is this tank?