Small chiller?


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Hiya folks,

Anyone have a smaller sized chiller that's going unused at the moment? I'm starting to see some STN on 1 or 2 SPS and as of yesterday, RTN on one of my larger SPS pieces. The only recent change I can pin down is larger temp fluctuations which is the usual case between Spring and Summer before we kick on the house A/C. All other params are as they've been for the last year or so.

Alk: 8.3dKH Ca: 400 Mag: 1500 NO3: zero PO4: 0.02 Temp: 76-80

That last stat is the worry. Temp usually runs 76-78 but yesterday it got as high as 81 before I shut off the MH. As many of you know, I run a pair of 250W MH.

Alan - I know you have a chiller on the block but it's definitely too large for the system (I don't currently have a pump or manifold from the return to drive it). I'm looking for one of those more compact 1/5 HP models that I can run off a Maxi-Jet.

Hope all is well out there!