Smooth cycle


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I have long time engaged in preparations for a reef aquarium. This mainly consists of reading a lot.

In a few months I would like to build a tank (~450 liters + 250 liters sump). When I buy live rock I would appreciate it if as much as possible life survives.

Currently I have here a batch living dead stone. I'm wondering if it is useful to fill a container (100 liters) up with the death live rock, buy some live sand or some bacterial products and start a fish-less "filter". When feeding this filter and monitor the water parameters I think this will smooth my tank cycle when starting a new tank and link it wit h this container.

Does this make any sense...?
Has anyone done this in the past?


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It should work. I would buy a piece of live rock instead of live sand though. You could also consider lighting the tub to maybe already get some coralline growth. Otherwise you can follow the usual fishless cycle recommendations.
In any case you will need a pump for circulation.

A lot of the stuff on the live rock you get later will however already be dead or dying when it comes to you, but what is alive will surely find better conditions than in many other systems if you go through with your plans. So it's definitely worth a shot.