snails get caught in powerheads!


Do any of you have a problem with your snails getting stuck on your powerhead intakes? Lately I have had a few turbo snails get a little too tidy in efforts to eat anything growing on the intakes of the powerheads. They end up getting stuck right on top of the water intake from the constant suction. If I don't catch it in time they die. I am assuming the suction is too strong for them to get away from once they are on top of this area of the powerhead. Any good ideas to prevent this from happening?


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I have the same problem with Seio powerheads. They don't come with a screen. They have a different type intake. I use 2 of the 1100 and so far have lost 2 snails due to them getting stuck.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
I may have to go to the Seio thread and post this.