snorkeling/scuba cancun-Collecting?


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Im going to cancun for a week in may and wanted to know some good spots for snorkeling/scubadiving? any recomendations? also does anyone know about collecting in cancun?


I just got back from Cancun and did a dive trip at Cozumel. We took a bus from Cancun down to Playa del Carmen (which is about an hour or so bus ride south of Cancun). Then we took a 45 minute ferry east to the island of Cozumel and hopped on the diveboat.


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Head south to Akumal. Very good chance to see large turtles there. Akumal is a Mayan word that means land of the turtles, or something close to that. You can take the colectivo from Playa del Carmen to Akumal for only $2 each way. A colectivo is a big white van that seats around 14 people. They run up and down the major highway all day long. They are much more convenient and much, much cheaper than taking the bus or taxi. Akumal is about a 20 minute drive south from PDC. It's well worth the trip if you like turtles. You can also visit Yal Ku lagoon while at Akumal. It's a short walk from Half Moon Bay (which is a short walk north from Akumal's main bay). The lagoon has very calm, sometimes brackish water. Some parts have lots of fish, mostly damsels and parrotfish. Honestly I wasn't terribly impressed with Yal Ku, but Half Moon Bay and Akumal's main bay are both worth a trip and have a high chance of turtle sightings (no turtles in Yal Ku that I've seen).


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I agree with Akumal, I have been there many, many times. great diving, and if you are a snorkeler, great snorkerling in half moon bay.


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Collecting might be, importing back into the US, probably not.

You'd have to check with the Mexican government and US customs. I would assume you need permits for both countries.