so i scored a wild one!

so i scored a wild one!

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Captain skip

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Anyone have a ID for neon yellow tip, ultra pink bubbles, with purple center? I just recently started a new setup and am doing a nem only setup. And to my suprise the reef Gods offered me up one of the what i believe to be Ultra Rare Nems. Granted i took a nice long break so whats rare anymore is beyond me. I'll post a few pics of my tank once i get a moment (update) posted a few pics from my phone so you can kinda see the idea. and babies will be avaliable soon. i must say its as bright as the inferno/supernova/lemon drop but is ultra pink and yellow. no signs of orange, red or green what so ever. Also picked up a huge sherman rose thats pretty darn nice too. For those that remember me i was one of the guys that helped start and stock Coral Collection and Mak Corals. I've seen a fair share of ultra nems as my buddies and i started picking them out of the wholesale warehouses and cant say ive seen this one. any help with an ID would be greatly appreciated.

Captain Skip


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