so i think its dying

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my brittle star disappeard under a rock for about a week, wich is pretty normal for him to do

however when he moved the the end of my tank last night, i saw somthing on him and didnt think much of it untill i saw it in the light today

now that he came out of the rocks tonight i got a better look at it, and they only thing i can describe it as is that he is decaying

i mean can see right through him, looking through his mouth i can see the rock work behind him

heres some pics, any one know what the heck is going on with him?

sorry for the crappy pics, but i tried to focus on the part where the decay is, its that yellow color crap on him ill see if i can update with better pics


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You might want to put it in a QT or the sump. If it dies you don't want it to be back behind the rocks where you can't get it. Hopefully it will get better but if not you want to know where it is.


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well only problem is that i just treated on of my tangs for fin rot with medication not suitable for inverts, and i only have one QT

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well for those of you that might care, i just tried catching him, it was very unsucessful, it ran into a hole, figured theres not point in stressing him, ill just wait till hes vaunerable


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Can you get some clearer pics? I don't see anything other than blur. I can make out the arms, but that is about it.


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I hate my bristle star. He's eating my fish! He's 5 years old and is huge.

I have literally seen him wrap his tentacles around one of my large yellow tangs and yank him under his rock. A day later I see some fish remains. i've lost at least 5 to this guy in under two months.

I say let him decay

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well i tried to get clearer pics, but no success

the yellow you see on him right in the middle is his insides i belive it to be tissue covering his skeleton

ill try again for better pics but hes moving around the tank

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these are the best i could get

you can see, kinda, his well skin is not really attached to him any more


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