Solana fish stocking question


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I need some suggestions for fish to add to my Solana. I currently have a naked clown, circus goby, and a tail spot blenny.

I am looking for 2 colorful fish that swim around, and are not too aggressive. Interested in fairy wrasses, basslets, dotty backs, gobies or other blennies.

I know I don't want royal grammas or cardinals.



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Do you like Borbonius (blotchy) Anthias?

They have nice color I'm going with 2 on my solana. I have 2 black percs 1 blue spotted jawfish and now I'm getting the two anthias and maybe later a picasso clown.

happy reefing


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I would not add another goby or blenny due to the size tank. A small wrasse would do maybe some chromis?


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delsfishes... more than 2 clowns in a tank is a bad idea... I think you'll be overstocked with the fish you currently have and the anthias as it is.

as for the OP.. I think you're at your stock limit already