Sold as "Moss Balls" - looking for ID


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Hey all.

I think part of the reason I enjoy marine plants so much is that I can impulse buy and feel no guilt (and easily remove 'offenders'). ;) I have pics below and bought the guy last night. If I had to give it a common name I would call it 'turf algae' not 'moss balls' though. By texture it may be related to Chaetamorpha, it is stiff and tough. It does not grow in spaghetti-algae fashion though. No spirals, no loops, just short straight branching. This clump is about 5" by 7" and maybe 2" deep. It has a few sprigs of a Halimeda growing within its mass as well.

Anyway on with the pics (I just hope I didn't trip myself into buying a Chaet sp. starter mat...)

This is the whole mat taken with lights out using the camera flash. Chaet can be seen in the background (top left).

Now for the close-up... the money-shot if you will. I'll take a few more pics tonight with the lights on for better color and clarity.

Thanks in advance,