SOLD! - FS: 65 Gallon RR Setup Includes Plumbing, Lights, and More

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This is a great deal! Asking $400

I need to move this setup"¦ All you need to add is a protein skimmer and you are ready to go!!

At this price you could even use it as a quarantine tank!

What's included:

- RR 65 Gallon Tank
- Stand
- Canopy with Silent Air fan controller and 4 fans
- Side Cabinet to store ballasts and everything with 2 fans
- Dual Ballast 175 Watt PFO Mogul Metal Halides with reflectors (Bulbs are included but are old)
- VHO ballast and fixture (Actinic right now)
- ADHI 20 Refugium Sump
- All plumbing and return pump

Pick up would need to be asap"¦ tonight preferably!! But early Saturday morning may work as well. Located in the Wet Loop"¦

All equipment has been used but was is good working order when I took it apart this afternoon... with one exception... the SCWD on my return seems to be stuck to one side so you would have to replace it or plumb the return a bit differently.



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