Some corals for sale


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I need to make some space in my reef and get some money for some new fish coming in for my FO tank. I have way too much pink anthelia (some clowns will host in it, mine do not though) and kenya trees. Those will go first. I will probably frag my big finger leather, maybe some GSP, shrooms if interested.

Heres a pic, you can see the anthelia on the top and the kenya trees on the left side. I also have my refugium overloaded with kenya trees, so they really got to go.


Price depends on size of the frag/colony, well say...
$5-15 for kenya trees from a frag to a decent size colony
$10-25 for pink anthelia from a fragon to decent size colony as well

If there is any interest in the large finger leather, I can frag that as well, say a 2" or so frag for $10. Also let me know if there is any interest in shrooms or GSP but I need the kenya and anthelia gone the most.

I can meet for pickup, near 19707/19711 area (hockessin/newark).