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Need to clear out some closet and tank space. These are free for pickup only. I am located near Berryessa and North Capitol in San Jose

1. Lifeguard full view 7 gallon AIO aquarium. Has return pump, filter media, lid. Makes an okay quarantine or display. Back wall has some glue from frag attachment.

2. 24" t5 lamps. One unused ati blue plus. One ati actinic used for a week or 2. Four 6500k lamps that originally came with Amazon fixture, they were lit up at some point but not used for any time.

3. Green Palythoa. One large group on rock, one large group on 4x4 tile

4. Forest fire digitata. Many small to very small frags that my fish/snails keep helping make.

5. Pulsing Xenia. Any way you want it: on 4 x 4 tile, on small rocks, on small frag disks, on chaeto, or free floating.

6. 2 bags of fritz salt. Basically half a box. It tests as suspected and mixes clean but I don't plan to use this salt again.

If you take some of these corals there are other no name overflow frags you can take with you as well.

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Tank is gone. Everything else is spoken for. If things fall through I will just open another thread at some later point. Sorry if things got a bit confused. Tapatalk seems to have some real issues now with delaying dm's and updating rc.

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