Some good news about that ransacked fish store!


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I can't believe he's not out on bail yet lol hope they keep him locked up for a long time but the way they like to slap hands in this state I don't see him getting what he deserves send him to one of the prisons that train and keep animals and tell the guys about him and he will get what he deserves.


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The irony is he killed hundreds more fish because his fish died? What a tragedy.

It sounds like some of the judges in Akron take animal cruelty very seriously from the comments on the link.


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Thank god he got caught. That was totally lame. Yeah the owner might have "supposedly" done him wrong. And thats a huge maybe. Regardless it doesnt call for that much distruction to so much beauty. Glad to hear this news though. I think i might head over there in a couple weeks and check out thier stock. Anyone know if they have decent prices on livestock?


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That's a good question, and a great idea. I'd like to head over and check it out myself, maybe spend a few bucks. I'm sure he'd welcome some new business after being closed most of last month. Maybe a fish crawl or something is in order :)


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Sounds awesome. Let me know if you guys all wanna head over there sometime, wouldnt mind meetin a couple of ya. I also need some in-person advice on how to setup my calcium reactor which was one of the reasons i was gonna head over there too. Keep me posted!