Some Growth Pics


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Been a while since ive posted much.
Blue/green acro
July 2010 when i first got this coral

Dec 2010

June 2011

Purple/blue table
July 2010

Oct 2010

June 2011

Strawberry shortcake
July 2010


June 2011

These arent the most recent pics but will have some more when i start my new build thread....if i ever finish the build though at this rate


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WOW that SSC is BEAUTIFUL, looks like times have been good! Seems you got ran over with aiptasia and valonia, I feel your pain. Valonia is one of the major reasons I upgraded and killed my live rock...hate that stuff. I wish you continued success. Can you link me to your tank thread?


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+1 on the FTS
What kind of lighting are you using?
Dosing, let us in on your master skills :D

Keep up the good work!!


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Thanks for all the kind words, im not very good at taking a FTS always ends up too dark...Racing season has taken up alot of my time lately and now that it is almost to and end i actually have time to clean the tank.

Man a 350 is a really nice size tank, we plan to come down for a game or two this year so i may have to take you up on that (had a few requests from some others down there for frags so as long as the wife doesnt kill me may have to do a mini tank crawl) We miss blacksburg and our old house ALOT

here are some more pics (please excuse the millions of aiptasia and how dirty the walls are that will all be taken care of with the new upgrade whenever i have time to finish the stand....and a build thread will be started for that

Lighting is 2x250 20k radiums (spider reflectors till the new tank then lumenarc mini's)
2x54w t5 aquablue+
Avast Calcium reactor and Kalk Reactor and MG on a doser





attempt at a FTS

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do you know the bulb combo's in the three different ime frames. The first coral inparticular totally changed colorss!


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The first coral came from another tank, that was when it first went in my tank, it was cut off the bottom of the colony,
the second pics of the first (blue/green acro) was taken after i got home from a business trip to find my top up pump clogged and had a salinity hike, lost alot of color in corals (pretty much all the blues)but all have bounced back well.
the last pic is the radiums and t5s...The coral really took off growth wise and the white really made the dark tips and green stand out...i really love that coral...the tank it came out of the coral was very green like the middle glad it changed into this

the darker pics in the last/most recent post are just with the T5s on (so 2 aquablue+)
otherwise its all radium 20ks.


That was some crazy color morphing on the first one. Looks good now. Its funny how much corals can change from system to system too.


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it took me posting these pictures to realize how much this coral has improved since being in my wasnt till the pic that i remembered how green and Blah it got...i liked the growth pattern but it wasnt anythign to write home about
actually found a pic of the original colony it came from (local reefer)

Now i just need to get a tripod so the pictures can be a little brighter....didnt realize how dark these updated ones are.


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Man, you make my ocd twitch somethin fierce with all that algae on the glass! lol Give me an hour and a pack of blades so I can feel better! J/K cant wait for some crisp tripod photos of your reef man, its a stunner! Hope to see some similar results with mine if im lucky. Mad props to you!


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haha yeh i know i know, i scraped a little last night during the water change till my daughter woke up (18mo old you know how that can be)
and then i came back down and got lost in some nudi tank cleaning and never finished it.

snails have actually been going at it so that the coraline is many things i want to do to make it look nicer and ive decided to put that off till i complete the upgrade.

anytime you wanna come to DC let me know id be happy to supply the blades maybe even a beer or 3


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Just saw the tank in person last week and the pics don't do it justice. Beautiful tank and corals keep up the great work. :)


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Alk 8.5-9
Mg i shoot for 1400
Ph 8.1-8.3
temp has actually been a little high lately since its in the same room as the furnace
80-81 (i like 78 or 79)
Ca usually around 400 (dont test it too often)

t5s are on from 1030-1030
MH 1-8