Some ID Help!


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This came in as a hitch-hiker with some blue anthelia. I thought it might be a cephastrea, but the more I see pictures of them, the more I think that's wrong. Any ideas? (Sorry for the bad pics, it's the green thing just below the anthelia and above the mushrooms)


The other is this odd (but awsome) colored critter. I'm guessing a lobo of some sort.


Lastly, these little guys. They look micro-ish. Could I get that lucky for a $10 rescue rock? lol probably not, but they're cool regardless. Deep purple with a blue ring in the center, picture doesn't do them justice.


This is my 20ga nano they all reside in :)


Thanks Guys!


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They're definately not zoas. That's the only thing I'm certain about! I'm sorry for the crummy picture. The polyps have no "Stalk" like a zoa, and there is green "flesh" connecting them all to one another. Plus, if you look closely at the polyps (I don't have a macro lense) the shape isn't that of a zoa. Again, they look a lot like a cephastrea....but the polyps seem really close together compared to the pictures of cephastrea I've seen.

No one has any idea on the others?



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1) Hard to see how tall/defined the polyps are from that camera angle, but my guesses would be Astreopora or Cyphastrea

2) Lobophyllia. Probably from deeper water.

3) Could be a Micromussa, could also be any one of numerous Faviids.


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first one looks like cyphastrea, i have some in my tank ;) its supposed to be quite rare here in the U.K. for that colour.
Its normally brown/tan colour.