some new additions (pics insde)...


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Hey all,

I just returned from my favorite shop in Orlando and of course brought home a few things. Unfortunately most of the new guys/girls are either not open or hiding... but I was able to grab hots of my newest fish friend...

I've yet to name her....


and another...


Here is the clam I picked a few months back. It has grown consideably since I picked it up.


and I just picked up this guy at Ocean Blue for a good price...


I also picked up a blue linkia and what I've been waiting a few months for... a red goni frag! Pics of that soon.




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Well, I just acclimated it last night, so I havent noticed it under the lights yet, but I have 2 400w 65k MH (Iawasaki). I have the goni on the sand right now.. about 24" from the bulbs, so it a good distance away. The flow is from a SCWD so its variable but it does get a decent gust every 10 or so secs. I will update you tonight to see how it looks when I home...If it really isnt looking that good, maybe you should bring it back and see if it picks up? Just a thought...



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waterfaller I think you where talking about me.
the red basslet is doing great. loves to be in the caves and don't
see him much , but he will come out for a glance to take a glass shrimp or two. lol


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LOL it was the name and the spelling that threw me.:D Cool.. I am glad he is doing well for you.He's a beauty.'s weird about the red one..I have had it for a few weeks and it has yet to open fully.My other gonis and alveopora are great.I tried it in the main tank with Mh's and thought maybe the light was too much so I moved it to my nano.It peeks out,but that's about it. Marcye has cut them and they open up the next day. I have never had a coral give me a tough time like this one.:(