Some nice "High End" Acros for sale

Mr. Brooks

MASVC Member
Route 66 Merlin Staff 1/2" frag $200 (my all time favorite)
Orange Passion $100
WWC Afterparty $100
Pink Cadillac $50
Voodoo Magic $60
Walt Disney $100
Vivid Tequila Sunrise $100
Fox Flame $60
WWC French Tickler $100
Ultimate Stag $80

It's been a long time since I sold anything. Let me know if my prices are low or high on any of these. I have a bunch more. This is what I can think of off the top of my head.



So glad to see you're back to the point of selling corals. Congratulations.

Hopefully in another month or so I can start collecting again, save me some scraps :)

Dave B