some pics of my new clams


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Some of my new babys





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Wow! Beautiful Clams. I must say they are damn addictive. You end up saying to yourself " MORE,MORE,MORE".::eek1:
Thanx every1 :)

All of the clams are Maximas....There is one Gold maxima in the multiple clam pic and most of the rest are Ultra maximas and the 3rd picture is a squamosa. Its funny cuz just listening to you guys its obvious that taste does vary with ppl and their clams! I personally like the first maxima....but it is also the largest....Im wondering if their coloration becomes much more vivid as they get older?


Im not quite ready to put anything in my tanks in the greenhouse....I just got done battling a HA problem which I think I have beaten it and will be adding large clean up crews to the systems next week ....but these systems have been up and running for over a month now (the LR is just now getting cured) I just dont want to rush anything especially clams!! So to answer your question NO these arent in my greenhouse systems. There probably wont be any corals/clams introduced into those systems for another month or so. :)
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