Something on Emperor Angel


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I'm fairly new to keeping saltwater fish so I don't know a whole lot about saltwater diseases. I recently purchased a young emperor angel online that is changing from juvie to adult. When he arrived there were white spots that resembled ich so I gradually lowered the salinity until it was 1.009. At first it looked like the spots were getting better but after a day or two it got much worse and now the poor guy is covered in white clumps/patches and I'm not sure it's ich anymore. There is one other fish in quarantine with him and whatever is affecting the emperor is not affecting the other fish at all. The emperor is still active and eating like a pig and it's been about a week with this condition. Some of the white patches look like a hair-like worm/strand thing is hanging off certain parts and I will try to post pictures. I'm just really confused as to what this can be and I really need help identifying what it is. I started raising the salinity back up slowly because I know that some of the discoloration could be from stress. It's a 20 gallon quarantine tank and all the levels are fine and the tank is cycled. I can't upload pictures because it keeps saying a security token is missing.