something to eat cheato?


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I posted this question in the reef discussion forum but didnt get a response so I'll try here......Some cheato has made it into my display from my fuge, and is now growing behind some rocks where I can't get it. Are there any fish/crabs/other inverts that will eat this (and are reefsafe/will fit in a 55gallon)? thanks,


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I've seen this question before and the concensus was leave it as it is great for the water column.
Is it really unsightly?


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One thing too... if you're growning cheato to remove nitrates and stuff, it has to be removed from the system for it to work. If you allow stuff to eat your chaeto, the nitrates will not be removed from your tank, just cycled through again.


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Get a yellow tang he will remove it. Atleast my yellow tang will eat all the chaeto with passion.