Somethings wrong with my Snowflake.


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I have a 155 fowlr tank with 2 snowflake eel's and about a month ago one of them stopped eating and has not eatten since. He or she is still alive but having labored breathing. The tank peramiters and normal and nothing has changed with the tank except for some rock moving. I am wondering if it could go thru a sex change or be pregnat or ? Any opinions out there? I could use some help. Thanx Aaron


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If they do not eat squid ever, try that. Most that eat shrimp and silversides sometimes don't want them anymore and you need to try to introduce a new food. Try squid first and then ask the lfs about medications or other alternatives hopefully it works


Is it possible that by moving the rocks around took away its hiding spot. when keeping two eels you have to have plenty of caves for the eels to choose from. Or the bigger/more agressive one will take the best cave and force the other into the open, or in to a cave that isn't adequate. This could be stressing the eel enough to make it stop eating.

How long have you had the two eels? What is their diet? What are your parameters? What other fish are in the tank?


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I highliy recommend making tunnels out of PVC for eels, they really seem to enjoy it, especially when they are smaller.


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If water parameters are ok and his environment is proper, then dont worry about it too much. Try the squid in a few days. My current whitemouth has fasted for over 70 days!, twice! in the past 2 years. Eventually he started eating as usual. My experience has been that they go off feed for: Poor water conditions or over feeding in the first place. Barring a parasite or other physical issue, I think he should be ok.